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des vignerons en culture bio-dynamique
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Union members meet several times a year at work meetings, general meetings, wine presentations (tastings at the primeurs in Bordeaux, Paris and London), or simply during visits or training organized for new subscribers or the whole group.
The training sessions can concern topics as diverse as the recognition of plants, microbiological soil studies, different tasting techniques, studies of plants according to Goethe's vision, the study of the sensitive crystallizations etc.

The practice of biodynamic farming is fairly complex and acquiring the knowledge necessary to master all the techniques can take years.

Exchanges between winegrowers are an opportunity for everyone to learn.

The SIVCBD has always been committed to carrying out experiments and research relating to biodynamic methods. Work funded in collaboration with a private laboratory (Enigma) has enabled the impact of a biodynamic approach on grapes, plants and the soil to be demonstrated. The results can be viewed in the "publications" section.

In order to progress further, the SIVCBD has undertaken to promote research and experiments involving biodynamic techniques in viticulture; to achieve this, the union has formed a partnership with the ENIGMA laboratory.

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