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Created in 1995, the SIVCBD currently brings together 215 wine estates throughout mainly France, but also in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Moldova, Portugal and Swizzerland representing a total vineyard area near 5200 ha. The SIVCBD is a union of winegrowers who apply biodynamic techniques throughout their property, and have received Biodyvin approval.
The initial impetus came from a small group of about fifteen winegrowers who wanted to pool their experience in biodynamic techniques and sought a place for discussion and training.

Winegrowing is currently the agricultural sector with the highest growth in biodynamic practices.

In 2002, the SIVCBD, consisting by then of about twenty members, recognized the real impact of the biodynamic approach in the winegrowing world and decided to call in an external inspection body to assess biodynamic methods.

So it was that in 2002, Ecocert Sas France became the SIVCB's principal, but not exclusive partner in the execution of these inspections. In 2008 the inspections were extended to oenological practices.

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