Syndicat international
des vignerons en culture bio-dynamique
Caring for the Soil

Biodynamic farming is primarily a matter of caring for the soil.
The objective is to maintain balance and to create the conditions for harmony to exist between the earth, plants and the environment.
Created in 1995, Biodyvin is a group of 175 winegrowers in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain. Only properties that are farmed entirely biodynamically, or those that have committed to full conversion after three years, are accepted.

In 1998, the members judged it essential to define the fundamental principles that members must adhere to in order to be able to describe itself as a biodynamic operator.

A set of specifications for viticulture and vinification was established. All members must adhere to this criteria.


Using specific techniques in the vineyard, the biodynamic winegrower strives to produce high quality wines that express the unique elements that form each property's terroir. These techniques respect the terroir's natural qualities and characteristics, which can then be expressed in the wines.
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